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My blog, my love, my passion. I am so excited that you are here. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Stephanie, I am a Mom of five, 3 boys, 2 girls and yes, I’m still laughing!


I can’t tell you how many people hear that I have five children ages 1,2,3,4 and 9 and say to me “but you’re always so happy.” That’s because I love being a mommy! Sure at times I want to pull my hair out but I have learned that it’s never really as bad as it can be.



“ it is what it is but will
become what you make of it.”



Positive attitudes and the ability to let things roll off are key.


So you may be wondering to yourself, as many often do, Are they all your children? The simple answer, Yes, I consider them to be. But what an interesting story,


There I was, married to the military, eh hem, excuse me, my husband with one darling little angel of our own (our first son) just got comfortable in my nursing career, about 2 solid years in an acute care hospital, feeling like we were rocking life as we knew it. And then we learned we were pregnant! Oh what a surprise, and a great one at that!


Fast Forward, oh say 4 months, It was time for a military transfer, which happens oh say every 3 years! Just about the time you feel at home in one place. So in the midst of relocating from Virginia to Massachusetts, I stayed with family in Connecticut until we found a suitable home, didn’t want to rush into anything! Anyway due to unfortunate circumstances we decided to take in my little niece and nephew, and little they were! My niece was 12 months, not even walking or eating solids yet and my nephew was 2 years old, oh for the love of them.


Are you keeping count? That brings us from 1 little monkey to 3 little monkeys and the 4th on the way. Boy, you would think we’d be done, right?… w-r-o-n-g! Just as we settled into a routine and home in MA and our baby girl was born, we had our 5th little monkey announcement!



(I scream)
because mommy might fall and bump her head.



So from 1 to 5 in a year’s time. And I’m still sane!


That is what my blog is here for, I have had so many other moms ask me for advice over the years that I felt I would share it with you as well!


I plan to blog my way to your sanity and if it’s not working you just let me know, I’m serious… I really love when other moms connect with me. Let me know what you’re struggling with and I will do my very best to help you!


Also, this is a judge free zone, don’t tell yourself “I can’t say that” or “She’ll think I hate my kids”. No, not even a little, I have 5 kids! I’ve been there, I have had those moments! Mommy-hood is chaotic but I’m here to help you find balance in the chaos and keep your sanity in the process.
I am also a former nurse, I say former due to the fact that I chose to stay home with the kids after taking in our niece and nephew and jumping to 5 kids, that’s a whole lot of daycare costs haha. Though I am pursuing my career as well for the future, currently working toward advancing my degree.


Meet The Whole SIC Mama Clan!


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Here’s what you’ll find here:


First and foremost, I will not write in perfect form, use perfect grammar, or worry if I do so, I will write as I would speak if we were doing this in person. Mommy to Mommy. Let’s keep it casual and fun! I want to be the friend helping you out not the teacher in a classroom. Let’s face it, if you’re reading some long, dull informative article, don’t you tend to tune it out and start skimming? I will deliver you quality, trusted content in a conversational tone as if we are sitting around a table and you happened to ask me a question. I feel the information will be delivered and understood more clearly this way.



Navigating my blog:


Parenting-  (from birth to older children) informative information, tips, and tricks for the most daunting things we go through and stress about as parents. Activity and craft ideas, teaching points, you name it from nuts to bolts and beyond.


DIY Home- Helping to make your house a home. Organization, must haves, room makeovers, DIY décor and more!


Married Life- How to survive marriage after kids! Full of great material and resources for keeping your marriage strong and healthy, and maybe a little frisky!
Just 4 Mom- A place just for you, nothing to do with the kids. How to take care of YOU so you can better take care of them and keep your sanity in the process! :: can you tell yet that I’m sort of an explanation mark junkie? 😉 ::
Newsfeed- Just how it sounds, We will keep you posted on the latest and current events that affect or are related to parenthood and marriage, of course with our 2 cents added.
SIC Kids- Stands for Sarcasm In Childhood and boy are we excited about this one! We decided to make SIC Mama a family venture, something the whole family could dig into and connect with. Here you’ll find the latest rantings, hysterics, and sarcastic ______ from our kids and kids around the world! They really do say and do the darndest things!
SIC Daddy- Now you know we had to incorporate the hubs! This will be the Male Perspective and like most husbands will chime in when he feels like he can be witty. The idea is to get inside the minds of our spouse’s and fathers and really see how different their take is on things. I’m sure it’ll be hysterical haha Oh and before I forget, SIC in SIC Daddy stands for Stirrin’ In’ Chaos, just felt PERFECT! Ya, know the feelin’, just get the kids settled and calm, Dad walks in and gets them wrestling and wreaking havoc!
Comic-  SIC Mama presents our very own comic series on the good, the bad and the ugly side of parenthood! We need to laugh! and this section will make your face hurt at times, and quite possibly pee your pants a little, too far?… oh come on mama’s we all know the changes that happened down there after squeezing out a few bundles of joy 😉 Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!
Creative Financing-  How I creatively survive and stay above water on one income with 5 children, 4 being in diapers!


The Shop-  Here you will find great resources, e-books, courses, apparel for the whole family, bottles, travel cups, home décor and more.


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