When They Make You Feel Old, Questions From a 13 Year Old Boy



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When They Make You Feel Old

Questions From A 13 Year Old Boy



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“Is it true when the Internet came out If you got a phone call

you got booted off the internet?”-13yr R.C.


 Sarcasm In Childhood #1


Yes, that was an actual question from my 13-year-old nephew. Talk about feeling old!


It was a hot summer day, and we did not yet have a pool in our newly moved in home, so we decided to go for a visit at my parent’s house with the kids. My brother had brought his children over and soon it turned into a summer cookout. Everyone was having a great time; kids were swimming for hours on end, swinging and sliding on the playset and running amuck. We, adults, were chatting it up, enjoying a drink and soaking up the sunshine.


Hours passed, and the sun began to fade. The younger children continued to run from inside the house to outside on the deck repetitively as they often do and the older boys stayed on the deck mostly talking amongst one another but every now and then chiming in on our conversations or raising a question to the group.


Long behold,


the 2nd eldest in the clan of 8 cousins and two friends of the eight cousins was dying to get something off his chest…


At this point, we were in a discussion about the infamous Pokemon GO!  Which honestly surprised me what direction that topic went.  I, myself have strong opinions on that subject, check out my post-Pokemon GO! NO GO! here!




Mid-conversation, while cell phone in hand sitting on the rail of the deck with his feet on the patio table, he looks up and utters those very words that sent me into a hysterical laughter followed by the feeling of omg, I am getting old, aren’t I? I still remember my first computer being given to us (6 kids-3 brothers, myself and two girl cousins) when I was just a wee little snot nosed kid, and it was one of the very first IBM’s… you know the type, boot up took so long you found a game to play in the meantime, if you wanted to type on it you were typing basic white font on a black screen and really didn’t do too much otherwise, just felt cool to use something so new to us.


Yeah, so I explained to him that yes, we did, in fact, get booted off the internet if a phone call came in. Then went on to tell him that when we signed on to the internet, there was that infamous annoying dialing connection sound, he found that so strange and out of this world! “You mean, you had to actually connect to the internet e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e?! Oh dear lord, boy… yes.. we ancient elderly folk did not quite have the same luxuries as you do with your wi-fi and instant gratification everything!


Having said that, we were not a generation that was glued to electronics 24/7 and lacked social skills and imagination. We were outside every chance we got from dusk till dawn. We worked in the yard, did housework, and we also created games from our own minds and played for hours.


Oh, it did not end there, as sarcasm rarely does.  His next question was even better…


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“What was multi-player like back then?…Like with the first Game Boy,

did you have to connect with a cord to do multiplayer?”


Once I regained my composure from cry-laughing. I said, multiplayer in our day was hey, want to sit next to me and watch me play? When I die it’s your turn.


:: Pan into 13-year-old with most puzzled look on face ::


Me: Have you ever just made up a game and played it outside?


13: No, it would be too hard to keep track of the rules.


….walks away.


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