So You Want to be a Super Mom?

Super Mom

A Letter To All Moms



So you want to be a Super Mom, do you?

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut, Mom Funk got yah down? Do you find yourself envious of other mom’s that seem to make this parenting gig a breeze? Appearances aren’t always what they seem.

Let me let you in on a little secret, YOU ALREADY ARE! You love your kids as much as the next mom. Stop idolizing the “got it all together” mom and realize you got this! Repeat after me…

I am one SIC Mama!

You’re here perusing parenting how to’s, what to do to help them, educate them, and keep them happy. You’re worrying about all the right things!

See something happens when we become moms,


From that very first moment baby arrives, even the moment you find out you are pregnant. A switch of some sorts is flipped on and we’re reprogrammed. We now have what I call true motivation, and the undying need to feel, do and accomplish anything for our little bundles of joy.

We even gain superhuman senses it seems at times, ever smell a dirty diaper from 3 rooms over with the doors closed? Yeah, we moms have some pretty heightened senses when it comes to our children.

Chances are, the “all together” mom you’re drooling over and quite possibly fantasizing she gets run over or just gets one thing wrong… doesn’t quite have her shit in the toilet as you think she does. It’s even likely she’s spending all of her time checking boxes and prioritizing that guess what?!.. If you asked her kids, they’d probably say she’s always busy, always ordering us around.

Spend less time organizing, planning and stressing over perfection and more time in the moment. Imperfection is where memories are made. The chaos is where beauty lies…



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Get in it


whatever it is, game day, school events to playdates, whatever IT may be… make sure they have what they need and eh hem if you miss something it’s not the end of the world! Laugh about it and brainstorm what can be done to remedy it. You may just find yourselves caught up in the moment… a race against time. Gotta get this over there and make it back here in time for…. Life’s little adventures enjoy it!

You’ll teach your kids the importance of planning ahead and being organized as well as, spontaneity… you’ll also teach them to see when something goes wrong it isn’t as bad as it seems. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And together we’ll make it happen!!

-To look for the solution and possibly enjoy the process rather than seeing it as the end of the world and ruin their day.-

Frankly, we do too much for our children these days. We’re basically raising robots that need instant gratification and can’t do or plan a darn thing on their own! Make them responsible, hold them accountable but don’t forget to let them know it’s okay to hit a bump in the road, life is messy, it’s busy, it’s chaotic, and it doesn’t always go as planned.

Roll with the punches! The trick is getting back up and slappin’ em back.

Well maybe don’t encourage violence 😉 

Society is too busy as a whole lately, and far too serious. Maybe even a little too sensitive if I may. We need to break free more, unplug, unwind, and live a little. Turn off autopilot and

Live in the moment

Forget the “I gotta do this, gotta get that”… IT CAN WAIT!

We need to simply step back, take a deep, exaggerated breath and say you know what… F#*k this. I got this…

I – AM – MAMA…Hear me RoAr!

And roll in the mud alongside your kids rather than shouting DON’T GET DIRTY! STOP THAT OR YOU’RE COMING INSIDE… why?…

You can clean it later, wash them before they enter the house, worried it won’t come clean?.. was the 10-20 dollars spent on the outfit worth more than the priceless memory you just created as a family or the experience your child just gained.

WORRY LESS and Let kids be kids!

Our kids are missing out on their childhood stuck in our chaos.

When we’re wound up, our children learn to be wound up and easily stressed and frustrated. We are literally sucking the joy out of life for them. To them, everything is a panic and scramble, a schedule and must do list.

We can do better when we learn to let go of other people’s expectations and judgments. To see the true mama in you, the mama you might not always see but bet your ass your kids do!



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You are amazing,


Each and every day you roll out of bed to tend to your children when we all know your inner teenager is screaming five more minutes!

Let’s not forget when the whole house gets the stomach flu, including yourself and you keep on carrying on. In between each Olympic dash to the bathroom, letting out from both ends, you scrub that couch the kiddos just spewed their entire contents of breakfast all over, then you wash them, change them, comfort them and make another run for yourself. Midway between throwing up and wiping your ass you’re in there planning dinner.


You rock star you!

Between what one does right or wrong in their parenting vs. the next person, we can learn to achieve a healthy balance. Sharing in lessons learned, and what has and hasn’t worked. To me, that’s the power of blogging and connecting with other moms.

And for the next time you run into that “perfect mom” maybe she snubs her nose at you, maybe she doesn’t. Just tell yourself…

I’m one SIC Mama, and my mothering style is not up for debate. I’ll do mine; you do yours.

No one person has it figured out, not one of us has the PERFECT every aspect life. We are all simply getting by any way we know how.  I don’t think we’re meant to figure it out. That’s not life. Get living!

I feel as if once you get it all figured out, once every aspect of your life is perfect, you better run jump or duck because a boulder is coming.. A train, car or bus is coming for you and you’ll just serve as inspiration to the rest of us not so together folks.


No one’s life is perfect or flawless


Something somewhere isn’t right, isn’t going their way and that’s OK. We are meant to struggle and go through tough times, feel inadequate and be forced to make hard choices. It’s what makes us human. It’s how we grow, learn, and adapt.

So maybe next time we also don’t snub our nose just because another mom seems to be rocking it and were envious. You never know maybe she is some sort of supermom, but maybe, just maybe she’s got some hardships in another aspect of her life and is overdoing it in the same attempt a man gets an expensive sports car. 😉

Or maybe she’s a bit socially awkward because she’s cooped up with kids all day, every day. Spark a conversation; you might find you have more in common than you think and might just love her!

We do our best for our children because we love the HELL out of them, right down to itty bitty pieces! BUT sometimes maybe we do too much for them and not enough with them.

Do me a favor


No matter what you have going on, go run into your kid’s room, grabbing random shit on the way and say… let’s go _______ today! And do something fun, different, maybe adventurous and out of your comfort zone! Don’t feel so bad if you do have to schedule the time for it, life is chaotic… kids don’t have to know you scheduled them in. ::wink wink::


And don’t forget to praise yourself every now and then! You’re totally rocking this mommy thing.


What was your blank filler? Share in comments below.

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5 thoughts on “So You Want to be a Super Mom?

  1. My sentiments exactly!! I’ve started being honest about how hard parenting is for me (basically to anyone that will listen!) and I’ve realised, we’re all just lying about having it together!! One of my friends was recently telling me that she was amazed by how I kept it all together – then we dropped by my house on the way home and I showed her the part of m life that people don’t see – the messy benches, the piles of washing, the whole lot. then she laughed and said she felt better. Her house is fairly clean but she feels bad because she only works one day a week whilst I seemingly have no trouble working 4 days a week – my shit aint together! Let’s get real about this ladies!!

  2. Imperfection is where memories are made – I like that 🙂 One day my kids and dog were making me nuts and I stomped my foot and had a mini tasty (not my finest moment), but I realised how ridculous I was being and starting laughing and did a big fake tantrum. To this day my daughter still remembers it and thinks it was the funniest. they don’t need us to be perfect, they just need us to be ourselves.

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