Save Your Sanity With These Must Have Parenting Tricks

Parenting Tricks to a Happy, Healthy Family

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Being Immersed In the Moment

Sometimes we are so busy focusing on our work, that we later find ourselves trying to catch up on all those things on our to-do list, and we forget to be focused on what is right in front of us. How many times have you missed out on a candid moment, like a chance for conversation with your child(ren) or significant other, because you were drowning yourself in worries, email, or checking in on your social media?


Take time to unplug from the external distractions, like trying to keep up with friends and strangers offline and online. Focus on your family. Have fun playing with your younger child with blocks. Employ your imagination now and then, and get your child or significant other to help you plan a meal. Even better, enjoy when your significant other and child creates a meal for the whole family, so you can get a break.


Enjoy the gift of having people in your life who sometimes make you laugh, occasionally annoy you, make you worry about them, and leave you feeling exhausted after a long day of work. Change your mindset about what is right in front of you. You would be amazed at how you can transform your life, just by appreciating the people in your life who mean so much to you. This small action can make life a little easier.

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Watch funny movies. Sing silly songs. Dance. Tell jokes. Smile when your kid does something out of curiosity, or when celebrating a milestone in their growth and development. Laughter uses fewer muscles than frowning, alleviates stress, and increases endorphins which make you feel good.


According to the University of Virginia, children laugh an average of 300 to 500 times a day. Adults typically laugh 15 times a day. [1] To put things into perspective.


Stop Prioritizing The Small Stuff

No matter how much of a supermom you think you may be, micromanaging things will eventually leave you tearing out your hair. This is something to consider, especially if you are learning the ropes with baby number one. Learn to let some things go.


It is good to be organized and plan as much as possible, however with children, certain things are going to happen. Mistakes will be made. Socks will get lost, and mismatch pairs will be worn. There will be colds and sniffles, and whining over snacks and meals. Life happens.


According to sites like Psych Central, most psychologists believe 85% of the population come from dysfunctional homes. Humans are not perfect. [2] You are not perfect, no matter how close you may be. You survived your life, and your children survive because you do the best you can for them.


All the good intentions and preparation in the world, will not ensure that your child will not make mistakes, or turn out differently than you planned. Breathe. The spills will eventually get mopped, the house will eventually get cleaned, and when the kids are down for a nap or bed, take advantage and get some much needed alone time. You deserve it.


Take Alone Time When Needed, Guilt-Free

Take a bath, shower, read, paint your nails, enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or other beverage. Take a moment to close your eyes and just breathe. Go meditate, go for a run, and read over your positive or inspirational mantras. Whatever brings you a moment of happiness, calm, or contentment, do that thing. No guilt allowed. None!


I highly recommend drinking chamomile tea for calm and utilizing lavender for its aromatherapy benefits. If you think these options are too crunchy granola for you, you know what works for you best. The point is, when you get some alone time, savor it. All too soon, your kids, partner, work, or something else will be calling for your attention.


Making Time To Involve Significant Other

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Sometimes being a mom takes over beyond being the other full-time job in your life. Making life all about your children can really hurt your identity, your kids, for being a helicopter parent, and your significant other. Before there were the kids, there was your partner. Remember to keep a special place for them, by making time out for them in your busy world filled with reading stories, helping with homework, bathing, meal time, etc.


Schedule a date night. Stay up late while the kids are asleep and watch a movie. Collab on a painting. Genuinely ask about one another’s days. Make travel plans for the future. Just enjoy each other’s company and don’t take each other for granted. Jog your memories about why you two got together in the first place, before having a family became a part of your lives.

Remember, being a mom is only about your kids, and neglects the significant other, is one reason that sites like Ashley Madison took off.


Making Time for Dinner Together

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Make an effort to spend at least one meal all together as a family. Make an effort to focus on food, family, and good conversation. Please don’t ruin meal time with the TV, smartphone, or other electronic distractions around. Turn them off, you can go back to those internet distractions, texts, and other stuff later.


Experts with The Family Dinner Project report that sharing a meal together encourages better communication between family members, strengthens bonding and encourages better nutritional choices. Often, your day may be full of ups and downs, work demands, and fighting fatigue. [3] However, making it a priority to eat at least one meal together as a family can be a moment that everyone looks forward to.


Make a game out of who gets to choose what’s for dinner? Try out new dishes that no one has ever had before, and save dessert as a reward, in case dinner doesn’t go the way you planned.



Whether you find one or all of these daily tricks to improve your family life, there is one thing I definitely had to mention. This is, the importance of saying “I love you.” Make an effort to say it often, with genuine heartfelt meaning. If anything hugs now and then go a long way too.

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20 thoughts on “Save Your Sanity With These Must Have Parenting Tricks

  1. Oh, MAN. It took me so long to figure out that I needed to get over the little things. I spent a good deal of our first year and a half with the baby being riddled with anxiety about clutter and “stuff” being everywhere. Laundry undone, dishes stacked up, toys and papers everywhere. I’m learning to accept a little mess; he’s learning to extend help when I need it. We’re both learning how to be the best parents we can be, together.

    Thanks for this! Lots of other moms (and dads!) need these tips.

    xx Tiffani

  2. Great tips that are all so important. Definitely important I remember to unplug and enjoy what’s in front of me! Thanks for sharing

  3. Love these! I totally agree about laughing and taking time out for dinner together! Something about my daughter’s laugh makes me feel more present than anything else! The whole world stops and I just focus on that beautiful sound! Family dinner time has always been important for my family, so I make sure I continue that with my daughter!

  4. I think I’d generally agree with all of the above. But as mum of an almost 13 year old and a 10 year old, the date night thing…nope. I can count on one hand the number of times my husband and I have gone anywhere without the kids. They’re big enough now for us to leave home alone, we can go for a walk,maybe a sneaky beer at the village pub, but until they were cool with staying home without us, no. It almost never happened. Once or twice with grandparents, once with a sitter which was a terrible experience for all! She was the local Kindy teacher and was a monster, traumatised them. Once,when they were a bit older , with cool and funky friends who stayed up half the night with them eating pizza and watching Star Trek.That was a fun night for all involved! But no, date night has never been a thing. We’re rock solid, we, all 4 of us, spend almost ALL our time together. It’s been an amazing ride. Sad that they’re growing so fast, I’ll have a teen next week, but I’ve hardly missed a second of those 13 years and I’m so, so glad. But yeah…switch your phone off when you’re with your kids !!

  5. These are all so important, especially being present in the moment. We have so many distractions and reasons to not be present. It shouldn’t be a hard thing to do, but it is! Thank you for the reminders 🙂

  6. Great advise!!! Definitely going to follow these more especially the time for yourself. I always feel guilty for me days. I know Shouldnt but when sitting in salon being pampered I tend to wonder how kids are what they are up too. If they convinced dad into junk for lunch the list.goes on and on lol.

  7. Immersing yourself in the moment – it is SOOO important! I want my son to know to savor time as it passes, regardless of the circumstance, and leading by example is a true way to leave a lasting impression. It takes awhile to learn to get over the little things, but when you realize that you don’t have to have complete control of everything, it really does reduce so much stress. Thanks for the awesome post <3

  8. we try to put our son down by 7:30, so my wife and I can have at least 2 hours of just alone time to veg out and watch tv together. the little things in life

  9. Laughter is key- at the moment,, at the kiddos, at yourself. One area I need to work on is not prioritizing the small stuff… I have a hard time putting all that aside but certainly see the benefits when I do.

  10. These tips are so important. Taking time out is easy, taking it guilt free is hard, yet so important! My husband works nights and weekends while I work days, but we try to have family meals as much as possible!

  11. These are great tips! I do agree that you can’t plan for everything, but it is still important to plan! You just have to be flexible and realize things may happen to change those plans. Not sure if I agree about the 85% growing up in dysfunctional families, that’s kind of high in my opinion, also may depend on what is considered a dysfunctional family…

  12. These are such great tips! I have to admit that I am guilty of not being in the moment very often. I am trying so very hard to change all that–taking my mini social media break really helped me to re-focus my energy into what matters most, my family! <3

  13. We love having dinner together as a family, the best part of the day! It’s important to make time for each child and your significant other too!

  14. I love that you mentioned laughing… it is so important to share humor together. So refreshing, and a perfect way to reset when things seem crazy!

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