Milestones 0-12 months


0-12 Months

Baby Milestones
Baby Milestones:
Developmental Milestones 0-12 months


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Ah, Baby Milestones


Probably the single most nerve wrecking yet pleasurable thing we tend to obsess over as parents. Are they on track? Why aren’t they rolling over yet? Is that a real smile or just gas? Other babies their age are…


Ready. Set. Go!


As parents, sometimes we tend to treat these precious developments as a race against time. Agonizing over our little ones not exactly meeting the approximate timeline. But it’s just that, an approximate timeline. Don’t worry if your baby is taking a little extra time getting there. Every baby is an individual and will progress at their own speed.

What are they?


Developmental milestones are skills that your baby can perform, such as rolling over, holding their head up, sitting up, standing to walking and everything in between. These milestones are generally classified in 4 categories:


  • Motor development

  • Language development

  • Social/Emotional development

  • Cognitive development



Babies generally speaking tend to follow the same progression through these milestones. This does not mean every baby does this and that at the same time. Essentially it is a guided timeframe in which you can judge your baby’s progress and get a sense for if something may be holding them back mentally or physically.



First let’s explore what information about your child the doctor is actually gaining by asking if your child has reached each milestone.

Milestones follow a predictable path with benchmarks along the way that are generated from what most infants and children are capable of at each particular stage. This is to gage where your child falls compared to average development and recognize any delays.

These developmental milestones or skills if you will, continue to build on the previous achievements your child has progressed through and whether they have met them or not can give both you as the parent and your child’s physician insight to how your child is physically, mentally and cognitively developing.

Early identification of developmental delays allows the pediatrician to formulate a plan and refer your child to the right specialty.


See what these Milestones are here



Now take a deep breath, and I will say it again, all babies are individuals and will progress at their own speed. It is quite possible that your baby has reached the development for their age in a different form and will surprise you with the next step soon.


When is it cause for concern?


Let your Pediatrician come to this conclusion with you. The best way for them to accurately gage your child’s progress and development is with all the information you can give.

We all see it happen, it’s like when you take your car into the shop and that tick you’ve been hearing for the better part of a week now, is magically in radio silence.

You take your baby in for his or her well checkup and the moment the doctor tries to illicit a reaction or get them sitting up, something they were doing all morning before the appointment, they suddenly won’t do.

They shell up, let’s face it doctors’ offices are frightening to them, its big, new, bright, full of strangers that want to shine lights in their eyes, undress them and place cold objects on their bodies, it’s completely normal for them to react this way.


This is where you coming prepared will help your pediatrician get a full picture of your child’s development.


Here is a great milestone tracker that you can download and print to use for both personal use and bringing with you to well-checkups to prevent forgetting on the spot! Grab it now for FREE! (it makes a great keepsake as well) Just click the image below!


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It’s not just the babies who shell up, we as parents do it too!

Have you ever forgotten everything the moment the doctor begins asking questions?!


I have, and the whole ride home I feel guilty I couldn’t remember and spew out answers I should have been able to then and there! What happens when we can’t recall on the spot is the doctor is left not knowing your child actually says 30 words, or 3 word sentences or can roll over, hop skip and jump, all they can base their educated opinion on is what we give them as parents. This might sometimes sound like;


Doctor: How many words does she have in her vocabulary?

Parent: Oh she is a great talker! She says, uhm..well she says mama, dada, baba, uhm..

Doctor: Would you say she has more than 20 words?

Parent: Yeah.. I think so


(You in the car.. OMG… of course she has more than 20 words.. she speaks in sentences, uses contractions… she can count to 10.. WHY didn’t I say that?!)


We all have our moments; after all we’re all human right? And being a mama can sometimes be a bit stressful which makes it hard to think on the spot. I call this mommy brain!

In the end we are our children’s biggest cheerleaders, cheering them on for the tiniest achievements such as picking up that cheerio using that pincer grasp! Wooo My baby’s a genius! Doing just that makes us their greatest motivators as well, they are eager to please and be rewarded for the next thing they do. We can both encourage and assist them to do great things.


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Share your doctor visit hiccups below! We’d love to hear your stories of baby reaching milestones too!


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22 thoughts on “Milestones 0-12 months

    1. Thank you, Luz! Its amazing how we track everything they do and look for these milestones + cheer them on for hitting them but the moment the doctor asks, we draw a blank! I am so happy to hear you found this helpful! Enjoy the printables 😊

  1. This is such an amazing post! I recently had baby number two and I remember being so lost at a doctors visit with my first, my son. When they would ask, “how long does he breastfeed for and how many wet and dirty diapers” I never knew I should be counting or timing. And, I remember a time when the dr asked if I put a cheerio in a bottle can he get it out.. my response was, he’s 8 months old, can he eat cheerios?
    But, as you said in your post.. he can do so much! But, I walk out feeling like I made my child sound like he’s not thriving in life.
    Thank you for your post and making us moms feel so much better! We need to stick together, help each other, and especially laugh together!!

  2. Absolutely had this same thing happen to me! The doctor asked if she had 20 words and I said absolutely, then realized after that she speaks in two to three words phrases, counts, and has some numbers in a few other languages! But she was upset during her appointment and that took all my attention. A tracker like this would be so helpful!!

  3. Great tips! My son has always excelled at his fine motor skills (because he loves to eat) but has been really delayed in most the others. I love checklists like this so I can ask his pediatrician and/or his therapists for suggestions on how to get him caught up!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! Even though my youngest is not my first, I still have those moments of wondering if he’s on track and doing ok. The reference information here is going to be reasurring and helpful.

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