“The Intentional Bookshelf” A Full & Honest Review

“The Intentional Bookshelf”

A Full & Honest Review


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I have always had a passion for reading and a strong belief that it is through reading we grow more than our circumstances allow us to. Samantha Munoz, author of The Intentional Bookshelf truly helps you understand the importance of literature in childhood and guides you through building your child’s library with purpose and intent. The very introduction itself will move you. She touches on a powerful dilemma we all struggle with as parents, whether new, expectant, or seasoned, there is this innate overwhelm of doing right by our children coupled with the immense fear of impossibilities to do it all.

We, as parents often face both personal and societal pressures of being the “perfect parent” and allow this to consume us, leaving this eerie dissatisfaction and weighing doubt in our abilities to nurture and grow fulfilled, content, and overall decent human beings from our children.


To quote Samantha Munoz;


“How could I give her the best chance at being the greatest version of herself. My fear of failing as a parent and life teacher took me to a dark place and made me feel like an inadequate mother.”


The overwhelming doubt we face is a very real and reasonable concern, because after all, it is our duty as parents to cultivate and raise our children to grow into future mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, leaders and workers, friends and capable, morally sound adults. Samantha discusses this very struggle in her book and relays that;


“to believe I was responsible for teaching her everything about the world, from my own brain and no where else, was not only nonsensical, it was unrealistic.”


And goes on to explain how she found help through reading with intent.

She not only moves you to begin building your child’s very own “intentional bookshelf”, she also guides you though the process. Helping you understand the intent behind it all and how to be intentional in your own. Samantha guides you on how to build, grow and best utilize your child’s library and takes you beyond the books themselves.

What fascinated me the most, is this is not a book styled as a step by step guide, nor will it leave you unsure of where to start. She writes in a way that you feel you know her by the end, connected and moved,even inspired to action! And there are no stones left unturned, you will understand, have a plan, and suggested titles to begin your new adventure directly from her book.

I was left with this sense of magic behind reading as a family and a real understanding of how to foster the pure love and enjoyment of reading in our children.

Within the book, there is this exceptional excerpt I’d like to share with you that if read aloud or recited to a reluctant young reader, will open their eyes, mind, and heart to the idea of becoming a lover of literature.




“Regardless of the nature of the text—be it fiction or non-fiction, reading makes way for deeper and more complex thoughts, ideas, and interpretations of the world. Imagine having never read a book in your life. The only world you would ever know is the one right in front of you. The only people you would know and personalities you would understand would be those you have personally interacted with. The only words you would know were those that have been spoken to you. You’d essentially know no one’s story but your own. How boring! Reading opens the mind to new ideas and concepts, builds up a thriving imagination, and provides information for your brain to collect and store for a later time.”


I may have received a free digital copy of The Intentional Bookshelf in exchange for my honest review, but Author, Samantha Munoz truly captivated me.


This book is one to keep near and dear, pass down from generation to generation and treasure for a lifetime. I see many families bonding, growing, and creating a strong tradition through her guidance in this very book.


I, myself, am heading over to buy a physical copy in order to have and pass down to my children when the day comes that they bring me grandchildren in this life, and will include a hand written note on the inside cover I imagine going something like this;




My Dearest (forever my) Child,

You may have outgrown many needs of me on your journey to adulthood, though, one thing that will forever remain unchanged are the countless ways I have mentored you to becoming what and who you are today. The biggest peice of advice I can pass onto you as you face the many emotions of bringing a child into this world is to raise them with intent and realize the wealth of knowledge, values and guidance you wish to instill are not reliant on your current wisdom but on the resources you utilize to bring your child more than you, yourself already know or can explain. My hope is that you will carry on where we left off and build your own intentional bookshelf with your children and they will grow to do the same, and so forth.

I love you more than you know, in more ways and for more reasons within explainable context and the unexplainable. Now take that love, intent and purpose and breathe it into the new life you have just brought into this world.

Love you. Mean it.


The Intentional Bookshelf has the capability of becoming a timeless classic worth far more than any words put on paper.


To grab your copy of this incredible book for only $9.95 on Amazon, click the link below!






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Samantha Munoz is a mother, wife, engineer, bibliophile and avid coffee drinker. She is also a side-hustle blogger at AddisonReads.com where she writes children’s book reviews to guide parents as they search for the perfect books for their little ones. Once a seriously overwhelmed and stressed out parent, Sam now turns to literature for the answers to all of her parenting dilemmas. She lives in sunny San Diego, California but loves when it rains because it gives her an excuse to stay inside and read with her daughter.


If you are left as inspired as I am, you can follow Samantha Munoz and her absolutely adorable daughter Addison’s journey through their intentional library on her website, www.addisonreads.com. As well as finding her beautiful feed on Instagram and keep up to date with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Read Samantha Munoz’s guest post for a look behind the book here!

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 
all opinions are my own and have no been influenced in any way. This post contains 
affiliate links via Amazon affiliates where I earn a small percentage of sales.



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22 thoughts on ““The Intentional Bookshelf” A Full & Honest Review

  1. This is a book I have been interested in checking out, but wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. Thanks for the review, it helps to know that a real person enjoyed it!

  2. Reading to your children is so important!!! I feel like it’s something that’s fallen by the wayside though to so many.
    Your intended more made me choke up a bit, beautifully written!

  3. I appreciate hearing all of your thoughts on the book and I am filled with gratitude regarding your complements and praises. The idea to include a handwritten note inside the book to pass on to your children brought real tears to my eyes. I truly believe that your bookshelf is so representative of who you are and who your children are, so I am over the moon knowing my own book is worthy to be included in a reflection of you. Thank you for your heart felt review!

  4. i feel exactly like Samantha munoz on her thoughts about motherhood. I also love buying books for my son but sometimes it is a miss. having a guide to work with will be cost effective. i will be buying this book.

  5. It’s funny that I’m reading this now because I’ve been paying extra attention lately to what type of books I buy for my children. I’ve been making sure to get things that help them learn a lesson and became better, more well-rounded, individuals!

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