Parents: Are You Getting Another Christmas Gift They Will Soon Forget?


Give The gift that keeps on giving.


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Christmas is approaching and I always fill with such dread of buying more Christmas gifts our children will soon forget or grow bored of. So I had this idea; this year I would find something to grow with them. Something they will treasure and actually gain from. Then it hit me, Have you ever seen a kid get excited to read and beg to hear it again? I have always encouraged reading in my home, and my children seem to enjoy it, but never as much as when we received our book from

A book personalized throughout to your little one that will make reading magical and enchanting! When I first heard of and the books they offer to be personalizable, I thought to myself; they will probably just place her name on the cover and be done with it.

Then came a questionnaire, to my surprise, they requested to know her name, hair color, skin tone, pet type and name, up to five names of family members to include, hometown, a photo of her and our choice of a dedication page.

When our package arrived, we were undoubtedly overjoyed with delight. The book was accompanied by an adorable ornament featuring a photo of our daughter on one side, and Santa on the other. She shrieked with joy and could not wait another minute, she ran to the tree and placed it on a branch with such pride and said, “Look, Mommy, I’m on the tree!”.


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Before we even read the book, having just glanced at a few pages, my husband turned to me and said, “You know we can’t just stick this one with the other books, it’s too nice, and will end up torn before long.” I nodded in agreement and began to round up our five children to sit and read the story together for the first time.

They filled with pure excitement each time they saw their name on a page. Some on stockings, others on gifts, even within the words of the story itself.

The book I received was The Night Before Christmas, and they personalized it as, “Guiliana’s Night Before Christmas” (our daughter’s name) but were able to include the rest of my children’s names throughout the book, so everyone was included. You may still have time to get one for Christmas, though you don’t have to make it Holiday themed. They have a wide selection of children’s stories that are personalizable in this way, and most are accompanied by a keepsake fitting to its story.



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What I found most compelling about their books is that, when a child see’s that they are part of the story, they are more inclined to reading it. These books truly are a gift that keeps on giving because they encourage the love of reading as well as helping them recognize their names written out. Something they are teaching in Pre-K and Kindergarten these days.

This book will absolutely be a part of our Christmas traditions for years to come. We always partake in holiday themed story telling every December leading to Christmas Eve and end with a story Christmas night. I have a feeling they will request this one more than any other in our collection, and I’m good with that.



Visit their website,  to see all they have to offer! From a wide variety of personalized books to toys and special occasion gifts. Your biggest trouble will be deciding what you like more! 




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13 thoughts on “Parents: Are You Getting Another Christmas Gift They Will Soon Forget?

  1. I love personalized gifts. We purchased personalized books as gifts for every kid I know this holiday season. I think they make books more accessible for young ones and also they will keep young readers engaged for longer because they are so personal and fun!

  2. I love this idea!! I agree I know for a fact that I probably would have read more books as a child If the books were personalized. I need this for my Son!

  3. I will have to check this company out! Books are always one of our go-to gifts for any special occasion, but a personalized one would make it even more meaningful.

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