“The Tanglelows”A Book Every Household Should Have In Their Library

“Traveling the Twisting Troubling Tanglelows’ Trail”


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Why every family should have this book on their shelves

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I must admit, it is not often that I fall head over heels for a book to the point that I begin thinking of how to pitch it to school’s for the author myself, but this book is pure gold!


Author, Greg McGoon created the perfect book for children of this ERA! “Traveling the Twisting Troubling Tanglelow’s Trail” ignites self-worth, inspires love of oneself, provokes deeper thinking and challenges to overcome negativity!


One of the biggest challenges kids face is that of their own conscious, and self-worth. “The Tanglelows'” is by far the only book I have come across that children can truly relate to on the subject and gain a better understanding as to what they may be feeling. Greg McGoon does not only describe what they are experiencing in a way they can understand, but he also provokes a deeper self-analyzing thought process in which truly helps them past self-doubt.


From the back cover;


“They exist in everyone’s mind. The parts of us that twist and turn our thoughts into questions and doubts about ourselves. This is a guide through the messy thoughts we have from the day to day, showing us how to be kinder to ourselves and to others as we untangle their paths to a place of self-acceptance and understanding.”


We have all been there, stuck in our own thoughts, paralyzing doubt and self-belittlement. It’s often hard to find our way past this in order to move forward. Now, I want you to picture the adolescent mind trying to unravel and comprehend these thoughts. To be fair, first we should discuss cognitive development itself.


Cognitive development will never fully be understood concretely, as the mind is a mysterious being of its own. Difficult to “test” or “prove” theories to be true. Though it is believed through scientific theories to progress in stages, and I will very briefly touch on that.


Your 5-6-year old’s

The child’s thinking during this stage is unable to use logic to transform, combine or separate ideas and can only focus on one aspect of a situation or thought at a time. They also lack the ability to see any given situation from another person’s viewpoint, they believe or assume everyone sees it the same as them. It is what it is, and that’s it. There is no abstract thinking or ability to apply reason at this stage of development.


Your 7-10-year old’s

Can consider multiple perspectives and apply various thought-out strategies as they begin to develop the ability to apply logic and reason. However, they struggle at this stage to understand abstract and/or hypothetical concepts.


That being said, you can see how difficult it is for a child to one, understand their thoughts, and two, be able to see past the negative ones or even fully understand why they are having these thoughts to begin with.


That is the beauty of this book, “Traveling the Twisting Troubling Tanglelows’ Trail” written by, Greg McGoon. He has taken this complex and misunderstood thought process and unravels it in a way that speaks to 5-10-year-olds fluently. Not only, is the storyline captivating, but the delivery through rhyme and eye-catching illustrations take the pressure and discomfort of the topic far from thought.


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I want to share a personal story with you, to better offer you insight to the power of this book.


Three days ago, I received an unsettling phone call from my son’s school that shook me to the core. On the other end of the line was the school’s social worker. In which my son participates in groups with for social skills. She proceeded to tell me that my son had said some disturbing things during group. When she got him alone and further questioned him, he went on to tell her; “Sometimes I have “voices” in my head that tell me I’m stupid, have no friends, and should just give up”.


Now, being trained in this particular profession, he did say some “trigger words” and she reacted as her training taught her to. What she did not know was that earlier that day we found out we were moving states away from any and all family. Due to his father’s career, this happened often. We also just finished potty training 4 of his toddler siblings at the same time. So our attention was seriously lacking toward him.


My son, previously being our only child for 7 years and jumping to 1 of 5 in a 13 month period and constantly being forced to move from state to state due to the military life had finally reached his breaking point. He was not really experiencing “voices”  in his head in a way T.V. would have you think. He was simply bottling up his emotions and thoughts because he could not understand or express them. All he knew was that thoughts kept coming in, and he did not know how to handle them.


I have to say, the timing of this book review almost feels as if it were meant to be. 


After hearing the news, and speaking with my son’s teacher which had the same viewpoint as me, I decided we were taking the day off! My son stayed home from school. I unplugged work wise. And we headed off to the seawall with only our copy of “Traveling the Twisting Troubling Tanglelows’ Trail” in hand.


We parked our bottoms on a bench directly overlooking the ocean and read this book by Greg McGoon. He enjoyed this book so much, we read it several times over before we left. I can hardly begin to explain the amazingly honest discussion this book opened up and the valuable insights that both he and I gained regarding what was going on with him.


Whether or not your child has expressed having troubling or negative thoughts, this book will be an invaluable addition to your families own library. Just because they have not mentioned having these thoughts, or have not yet experienced them, does not mean it won’t happen. To be completely honest, as I’m sure you’ll agree, everyone goes through this more often than we care to admit. Reading this with them at a young and impressionable age will help them gain perspective. And introduce them to the idea alone to better help them overcome negativity later.

You can get your copy of The Tangelows’ book via the link below!




Author Bio

Greg McGoon-Tangelows'-book review-children's book-inspire kids-cognitive development-children-negative thoughts-kids-family-education

“Having grown up in a candy store, author Greg McGoon has ways of finding the sweet side of life. His creative storytelling for children evolved while teaching at the Claremont School of Theatre Arts. As Founder/Executive Director of Artcentricity, Inc., a non-profit educational creative arts environment, he has been able to focus further on child development. His books explore children’s feelings about themselves and the world around them, which is a wonderful place indeed!” You can find Greg on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

His book is available on Amazon here → http://amzn.to/2lRSYQo


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book review-children-kids books-children's book-family-mental health-self care-well being-wellness-young reader-pre-school-school aged-greg mcgoon-tangelows

26 thoughts on ““The Tanglelows”A Book Every Household Should Have In Their Library

    1. Thank you, Beth! I love that you studied early childhood development, back when I was in nursing school I found myself so intrigued by that subject I opted to take a course on ot outside of my nursing program. I find this book has such a unique way of touching on a difficult topic that the kids don’t feel any pressure or embarassment discussing their own troubles with the Tanglelows.

  1. Wow what serendipitous timing. This book sounds really amazing and it looks like it came into your lives right when it was needed most. I think we will be getting this one for sure. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This sounds like a great great book. I am such a huge believer in the importance of children’s and YA books (maybe that’s why it’s taken me over a decade…and still going…to write my YA trilogy). This one sounds like true quality. Thank you for sharing, and for giving us insight into how it applies to your family’s life.
    I tried to enter the contest but it took me away from your page when I clicked the links (rather than opening new windows) and I think that caused it to not be reported as an entry?? It may have been my device but I noticed you don’t have any entries so i wanted to tell you in case there’s a setting you need to change real quick 🙂

    1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I agree, children’s books, especially ones that help them gain perspective are so important. I personally think you would love this book, having looked over your blog myself. Regarding the giveaway, I just tested by entering myself (will delete my entry of course) and it is working now. There was an issue on gleams side. My apologies and thanks so much for informing me!

  3. I love that this book seems like it will grow with children ages 5-10. Not many books serve dual purposes, so that’s great. These are important messages for kids to hear.

  4. I am so glad I ran across this. My son has been in therapy in the past – 4 years old and we had just moved and brought home a second younger sibling. I noticed everyone kept telling him all the things he needed to do to be a big boy now, and his mind just couldn’t take it. He still has issues at 8yrs old when he is overwhelmed or stressed. We’ve been talking lately about the possibility of therapy again, but I think this book might be just what he needs. I just ordered!

    1. I can relate with your scenario all too well. My son, the one I touched on in the post has been working with speech and social therapy for years now. He always seems to react passionately (as I put it) most would say he over reacts and is too hatd on himself. I am so glad you ordered the book, I think you will find it quite beneficial. I hope you’ll come back and let us know your thoughts after you read it!

      1. That’s exactly how I put it! I tell people he is a passionate person, and reacts that way for good and bad. If he loves you, Man! does he love you, but if those 2 lego pieces won’t go together right he wants to “go be a homeless person so he can live by himself”, as he stomps around. Definitely my most challenging child, even though I have 3 younger than him, 1 of which is a 2 yr old who literally has tried to hang by a chandelier. I will definitely let you know how this book goes. I have a friend dealing with some issues with her son and I’m going to send her this.

  5. Love how this books helps bring the conversation of such an important topic to the younger child and grows until preteen. Love your take/review on the book, looks good I might have to check it out for my nieces.

  6. This is a very compelling post. I’m taking to heart the story of your son and the things he has been feeling. I am glad that this book calls to both of you and the author was able to write with such tact and precision. I want to learn more and the explanation of abstract concepts is very helpful. My oldest is 5. Thank you for introducing us to this book. I think it will be helpful for my family.

    1. Thank you, Candace. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for this book because of how much it resonated with my son. During our discussion after the first read, I could literally “see” him make sense of his own thoughts. It truly did open one of the most honest and meaningful talks we have ever had and helped me gain insight to (if I’m being honest) some failures on my part. It’s funny your child is 5,one of my children is my 5 year old nephew and the poor thing has been through far more than any child should. He as well enjoyed the book. The rhyming and illustrations really grabbed him in.

  7. I absolutely love the illustrative style of this book, and am so glad that it was able to help your family during a difficult week!

  8. I love your reviews!! This book sounds amazing. It’s definitely along the lines of the types of books I’d like my little one reading when he’s older! Just entered the giveaway too…super excited!!

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