Dear Creepy Clowns, I Hope This Finds You Before Your Demise…

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Do you feel pretty?

Warning: Offensive language used.


Dear Creepy Clowns,


Please grow up, man up, or find a bridge to jump down from. Do you really think dressing as a clown and in sighting fear in others gives you balls? Oh, hunnie, quite the contrary.


At what point in carefully applying your makeup did your ego swell? Or, did you feel man like pressing your cute little red button nose on and slipping into your red high heels, ahem, I mean clown shoes?


Maybe it’s the part where you’re scaring little kids that makes you feel like a big bad tough guy.


I’ve got news for you, sweetheart, jumping on any bandwagon or latest fad such as your doing only points out the very obvious sentiment that you are lonely, and crying out for attention. Not to mention, it’s been done before, ever heard of the movie “IT” or the music group “ICP”? Well, guess what, the spotlight is now on, and you know what’s behind it this time? Angry, paranoid and fearful parents and policemen waiting and wishing “a  mother f@#*er would.”


So when you’re in point blank range of a hollow point with your creepy a$$ clown name on it, staring at your inevitable demise for a poor decision to prance around like the twinkle toes you appear to be in your get up, remember this warning.


You may not remember the times you are living in, but every parent and police officer have it all too fresh in their minds, and will never forget the school shootings, bombings and horrifying images surrounding the deaths of their young. The worst thing you can do is ignite fear in these people while they have already surpassed their level of frustration and helplessness.




Some of you are full of empty threats, others actually harming or attempting harm, and then there are the most worrisome of all, Children themselves thinking it’d be “cool” to jump on this trend and get in the news. Looking for a simple kudos from their peers that may very well wind up cutting their lives short.


So, I say to you, sir twinkle toes, grow up, man up, or find a bridge to jump down from. We are sick and tired of children being the brunt of every fear riddled threat and we will fight back to protect our own.


P.S. No one will hesitate to decipher if you’re a genuine threat or a prankster. If you have this mindset, I feel sorry for you.


Yours Truly,

Every Frustrated Parent 


Now kindly, crawl back into your mother’s basement and listen to ICP while masturbating to the movie IT!



Please address these clowns in the comments below…



And on a more serious note, Find out the hidden danger NO ONE’S talking about and the ACTION you need to be taking by clicking here.



dear creepy clowns-creepy clowns-clown news-fear-halloween-schools-children-kids-parents
dear creepy clowns-creepy clowns-a letter to all creepy clowns-one fed up mother-clown news-news-fear-children-kids-halloween-parentsdear creepy clowns-creepy clowns-clown news-news-fear-schools-kids-children-halloween-parents

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