Creepy Clowns: What No One Has Considered Yet…

Creepy Clowns


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 What No One Has Considered Yet…



There is an epidemic sweeping the globe, and I’m afraid to say it’s becoming all too common place. As if, Parents hadn’t already had enough between school shootings and bomb threats. Let’s add another reason to fear with every part of our being, sending our children to school or even out of the house. There have been times I have re-considered going to certain events due to the “likely hood” of a “strike” happening while in attendance.


Last year, an actual conversation in our home consisted of;



“Wouldn’t it be nice to bring the kids to watch the Boston Marathon?”
“I don’t know, after the bombing that took place there, I just wouldn’t feel right taking them”
“Oh, they won’t hit the same place twice”
“Or, would they because they assume everyone will think that way”



Has this become the new normal? Every household is now talking like paranoid conspiracy theorists. Living in fear of living their lives and worrying if they can take their children to events without the all too realistic fear of dying at it? It’s completely disheartening to say, but they aren’t wrong to be thinking in such a way.

When did children and schools stop being off limits? Why is it that, threats of violence are the new social norm toward our youth? There have been countless attacks and threats on our young that we now don’t even feel shock or disbelief when it happens.



It’s become so common, the latest threats have added a creative flare to it, in sighting fear via creepy clown costumes only mere weeks before Halloween.



I’m sure by now you have heard the almost relentless reports of these menacing Creepy Clown’s emerging and instilling fear to the masses. Every news station is covering it, social media feeds are filling with updates and it’s on the tongue of every person you pass.



Authorities are even holding press conferences and speaking at schools.



It has created a mass hysteria, and rightfully so.



On top of the horrifying nature of these threats, sightings, and crimes, parents are now beginning to fill with fear to even go fulfill or enjoy a lifelong tradition of trick or treating with their children. I mean, who’s to say this string of sightings isn’t just a build up for something much bigger to occur on Halloween night?

As a parent myself, it both sickens and infuriates me. In a society where so many traditions have already been lost and swept under the rug in response to violence and even political correctness, can we afford to lose anymore?

This “Creepy Clown” plague hit too close to home for me when two days ago, I received an a-u-t-o-m-a-t-e-d phone call from my children’s school. While they stood 50 feet away waiting for the bus to pick them up. The message stating there had been some Instagram postings of clowns threatening to visit the middle and high school this afternoon, while the elementary school was not mentioned we will have increased visits to the school to ensure the children’s safety.




Have these events and threats on school’s become so common that police have to weed out the more likely of scenarios. And in a way turn their back on the others? And in no way is this a slight on police, this is the sad, horrible, no good, ugly truth that they as cops have to face every day. There simply are too many threats on schools. They are left having to decipher which is more “likely” to happen and leave the rest with their guard down.

Though, I don’t have to tell you about how fearful our world is to live in. Or, how hard it is raising children in what now seems to be an age of war against them.




Parents across the globe are going to bed at night with images filling their worst nightmares imaginable that one of these clowns will get their child.




creepy clowns-creepy-clowns-news-clowns-fear




But something that most are not taking into consideration



That no one is talking about. Are the possibilities of this creepy clown trend putting our children in danger from the other side. Not in the way that a creepy clown may get them. Rather, what if our own jump on the band wagon thinking it’ll make them “cool” to pull off a clown prank of their own?

It is all too normal for kids, especially pre-teens and teens to hear about something sweeping the nation shaking everyone up and thinking to themselves Oh we should do that! That would be so cool! While never once considering the possible dear consequences these actions may have.


My fear lies in two places right now.



The fear of my children being harmed by these clowns for one. Secondly, the fear that an innocent teen looking to impress his or her buddies is going to attempt to pull off a creepy clown prank and meet their fate with a fed up and frightened parent.

Let’s face it, now, more than ever it does not take much to push a parent past their threshold and get them to react in a deadly way. It is human nature to protect our own. If we feel our offspring are in danger, we will pounce and do anything and everything to ensure their survival.





So, my outcry to you is



To not only sit and speak with your children about safety measures to take if they see one of these clowns, but also to discuss with them the seriousness and lasting affects this epidemic is having on people. Lay out the realities that can happen if they decide to pull a prank using clown costumes. Don’t sugar coat it either, it is all too possible they will pay with their lives. Explain to them the pressures parents are under to keep their children safe. And what extent any parent would be willing to do if they feared that very safety.




creepy clowns-creepy-clowns-news-fear
I feel this should be a message relayed to every school with both police and teachers present. It may not be a bad idea to have parents there as well. So the kids can see in person how parents react to mere discussion of these clowns.




With Halloween approaching quickly, I hope a message is put across and broadcasted as much as these sightings have been. Our youth is in danger from both sides of this. Don’t be foolish in thinking your child would never, all children are susceptible to peer pressure.



Read my letter addressed to these creepy clowns by clicking here.



Share your thoughts on the issue in the comments below…


creepy clowns-news-fear-sightings-children-kids-schools-parents
creepy clowns-news-schools-kids-children-parents-fear
creepy clowns-news-schools-children-kids-fear-sightings-parentscreepy clowns-news-fear-children-parents
creepy clowns-news-fear-children

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4 thoughts on “Creepy Clowns: What No One Has Considered Yet…

  1. That would be terrifying to get that message from the school!
    Thanks for taking the time to write this. I shudder to think of a confused teen getting caught up in something like this

  2. It makes me so sad. We stay in South Africa and this hasn’t hit us yet, but I feel for you. The kids in South Africa are used to having their phones and bikes stolen at knife point but clowns still make them smile, go figure. Why can’t our children play and trust like kids anymore. I don’t even know who to blame; Society? Hollywood? Us as parents? Really sad.

    1. Thank you Michelle, That is horrifying! It makes me sad to think of the world our children are growing up in. I’d have to say it’s a bit from all of the above but I do feel media is the strongest influence outside of the home and even kid movies have adult content now!

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