America Has Fallen Victim to the Race Card Again

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Your education system is failing your children, and it’s about to get worse!


The United States educational system has undergone many changes as of late. Though, this recently proposed change tops the cake!


The state of NY, one of our country’s largest states is considering doing away with the Academic Literacy Skills Test. An exam given to prospective teachers in hopes to weed out inferior teachers.


The proposed claim or issue with this exam is that black and Hispanic takers are scoring much lower and school’s need to be just as diverse as the student body is. They’re actually suggesting the test is racially bias.


The bold and overused statement that if used has every seemingly intelligent person holding titles which allow them to make change shake in their boots. In America, we have become so worried about being PC that we tend to shift favoring any side that makes us look like heroes to a minority group. (Before you reach for your cleaver, by minority group I simply refer by its definition, not directed at any race). No matter the validity or obvious demise it may ensue.


We are the home of favoring the underdog.


I mean who doesn’t love rooting for the underdog, right?


The problem is, in an effort to be politically correct we tend to put blinders on and throw caution to the wind.


We’re talking about our future generations here.


Are we truly ready to place less than teachers at the head of our children’s classrooms all because someone played the race card?



As a prospective teacher, you are also a perspective and permanent influence, role model, and example to each and every student you would be educating. You hold the immense responsibility to shape, inspire, and teach our future generations life long skills. This brings you a strong weight to bear, without a doubt, and for good reason.


If we lower the standards of our future educators, what do you suppose the long-term outcome would be? Certainly not better-scoring students. Almost undoubtedly, education that is less than it could have been will result in less than achievements by its students.


Sadly, this absurd allegation got it’s attention and is making headway in the U.S. At a time that we are barreling down on our kids to learn more faster.


Kindergartners are now being taught how to do things beyond their developmental abilities, all in an effort to compete with countries that force it down their youth prematurely as well. Maybe you came across what one Florida teacher voiced in her publicly shared resignation letter, if not, I suggest you give it a once over. Wendy Bradsaw, former elementary school teacher of Polk County, FL expresses her great concern for the new implementations of stricter standardized testing as well as curriculum being posed to our youth. She believed this to such an injustice that she sent in her resignation detailing why she felt she had to.


So, I beg to point out the irony here.


On one hand, we are raising the standards of expectations in our students, while on the other hand, we pose to lower them for their very educators? If that’s not the most outrageously imbecilic notion you’ve ever heard, I fear even more for our country than before.


The simple truth is, if you can not pass a literacy test, you do not belong teaching. As a nurse, I’ll put it to you this way, which nurse would you prefer take care of a loved one or yourself?


The one who could not pass the medication and dosage calculation test or the one who did?


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America-education-children-educational system-news-new york-teacher resigns in Florida-race card

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