Why She’s Sad on Sunday’s: The Letter That Truly Hit Home

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Have you ever read something that truly resonated with you? The whole way through you feel as though you could have written all those words on the page yourself.


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Well, Kristen Anne Glover of Five In Tow did just that with her post, “Why She’s Sad on Sundays”.


Her letter to “the men in the room” grabs you in from the very beginning 


Excerpt from her letter;


“She stands in the kitchen with her arms up to her elbows in soapy water. She smiles when you come in, but it’s one of those tired smiles, like her lips aren’t convinced the effort is worth it. There’s a sadness in her eyes, too, and you can’t figure it out.


You didn’t do anything, didn’t say anything. As far as you know, the weekend was great. She made pancakes for breakfast; you got that project done that she’s been asking you to do for weeks. Then you all went to the park, and you listened to her chatter endlessly while you watched the kids play.”


Parenting can be one of the biggest strains on a marriage. Neither wife nor husband ever truly feels understood or respected. Not fully, anyway. Yes, being a parent is one of the biggest blessings you’ll ever experience in life, but that does not mean it comes without it’s difficulties.


We often, through stress and pure exhaustion begin doubting one another’s motives and desires.


Falling into the marital rut where both are exhausted, distracted and pulled in several different directions at one time. You may even muster the old feelings back to the surface from time to time but life with kids gets in the way.


Eyes meet while passing briefly as you move from one task to the next, for that very moment, you two feel connected. Possibly even adoring. Then a child bellows, the phone rings, dryer alarms, or you step on a misplaced toy. The moments passed, life has called your attention to more pressing matters and it’s lost. Once again.


The weekends tend to be what really gets her.


Friday’s are looked to with excitement and hope. Saturday’s she thinks to herself, less to do’s, no big morning rush the following day. That will be our time to relax and play, have some me time, and possibly some we time. Then Sunday veers it’s ugly head and she’s sad again. For the week has passed, too quickly yet again. And she never did get to any of the hopes or plans she set out to. Because again, her job never ends. For her job is at home. She does not clock out, she can not leave it behind nor do her duties ever end.


The very thought of a weekend tends to fester in her mind, causing her sadness because she knows that weekends are not meant for her. Rather, weekends are another job for her. The children are now home, along with her spouse, and while she’s been looking forward to this all week long, She knows this comfort comes with extra duties. She will have to ensure they get adequete time with her and the messes will surely double each day. She will cook and clean per usual, only now, two times over for meals which no one is normally there for. She will spend much time preparing what needs to be ready for the return of the school and work week.


Her job is never done.


To quote Kristen A. Glover,


“She simply wishes for all the world that she could pause time and just be in her home and not at work.”


A mother’s job is never done, we are not afforded that magical strike the second hand places on the clock telling us we can stop now. Your work day is done. That is a concept we can not understand. To walk away, and be “finished” for the day, that would be a dream come true.


A dream for certain. Because for that to happen, I can not phathom the reprecussions.


I may have shared small portions of her letter along with my own thoughts. Though, in no way could I serve it the justice it tuly deserves. Kristen has a profound way with her words that will surely move you and her letter in its whole will resonate deeply. Leaving you, as it did me, feeling as though you could have written it.  I want you to take a minute to read her post in its entirety.


Then come back here to let me know your thoughts. What resonated the most with you? Let me know in the comments below. 


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Motherhood-Marriage-Spouse-Housewife-Stat at home mom-Parenting-Love
Motherhood-Marriage-Spouse-Housewife-Stat at home mom-Parenting-Love

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21 thoughts on “Why She’s Sad on Sunday’s: The Letter That Truly Hit Home

  1. Those are some really powerful words, and I think every mother can absolutely relate 100%! I also wish I could stop time, but honestly more for the fact that life just is going by so fast, and sometimes I’m worried I’ll miss it!

  2. I read this elsewhere and it resonated so strongly with me. How do I share it with my hubby though? That’s what I’m still working on, lol.

  3. Love it. Yes weekends are harder in some ways because that’s when so many things have to get caught up- all the things that were left unfinished. I’m always exhausted and my job is never over. Husband tries his best to help but it’s just never enough. I’m starting to learn that this is most mother’s story, and just embrace it.

  4. Wow. I know what you mean when you say you feel like you could have written it. I relate to so much of this. I wish my husband understood this stuff better….I wish all husbands did!

  5. Even though my husband works from home, I can still so relate to this. Just because he’s home does not mean he’s available. All of the stuff still mostly falls on me and it is so exhausting. “Her work is her home”. Too true. It was a really thoughtful piece that spoke to me. Thank you for sharing.

  6. This is such a great read. Thank you for sharing Stephanie. I am an out of home working mom and I resonated with this, I can only imagine how at home working moms feel.

  7. Wow beautifully written my friend. I can relate to all of it. I feel like my weekends are never really mine anymore and I find myself getting overwhelmed more easily than before some days. But we have to just take a step back, breathe, and be ok with certain chores not getting done sometimes (easier said than done i know :-/).

  8. I love this… I feel like I’m always going crazy trying to accomplish so much. When my husband leaves the office, he leaves his work there and is able to focus on our family. My work is always around me, making me feel like I should try to get one more thing done. Mom life can be tough at times…

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