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Time Managment For Busy Moms



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How to get things done like a pro + still have time for you!


If you have children, chances are you struggle with time management. Knee deep in chaos with raving miniature lunatics treating everything you do as an expectation. With a hundred things on your ever-growing to-do list and never enough time.

You find yourself wishing there could be some sort of extension of you, maybe an extra set of arms, the ability to be in two places at once, even a clone of yourself would be nice. Or, could you just use some time management skills? Some real life, no nonsense get it done like a SIC Mama type of mastery.


Let’s stop feeling overwhelmed and start Mom time management now! Imagine what your day would look like if you simply managed your time better. I want to show you how to successfully get mom life handled!

First, I will give you tips for success. Real actionable steps to take to start owning your mom life!  Next, We will cover the creation of a family command center, and lastly, you’ll get to grab your utterly adorable, mom life handled like a PRO planner! Be sure to grab it now, it’s only available as a free download for a limited time! After that, you will have to purchase it in the shop.


Okay, Let’s jump to it!

Follow these steps like it’s your religion, and you’ll soon be rockin’ this Mama gig like a champ!


Assess Your Time:


Take a closer look at how you are spending your time. I bet things are eating up valuable slots in your schedule that can either be put on hold or eliminated entirely.




Don’t get stuck on something that can be done later, and miss out on completing a more immediate concern. Make a list + check it twice, What needs to be done first, what can be done later, and what is upcoming that needs attention?


Think Ahead:


How can you cut time from your tasks? Are there any steps you take that are unnecessary or maybe shortcuts are possible? (i.e. Pick outfits for the week ahead of time, create + follow a school lunch menu, etc.)


Plan the night before:


  • Lay out clothes for both yourself + the kids
  • Check homework and place in backpacks
  • Pre-pack school + work lunches
  • Check your car’s fuel level + gas up
  • Set the table for breakfast before you go to bed
  • Place school snacks in their backpacks (or refrigerator if needed)




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Stop wasting precious time looking for lost items.


Have a place for everything;


  • Keys, Purse, Wallet, Sunglasses, Mail, Important Papers, Backpacks, Shoes, Socks, Jackets, Library Books, Projects, Umbrella, and so on.


Really think this one through, what items are likely to be last minute grabs or needed on a whim? If they have a dedicated place, you will not find yourself running around like a mad hatter trying to locate them!


For instance, your already pressed for time, you checked the weather the night before, and it said clear skies and sunshine. Only to find out, the moment you open the door, it starts pouring down rain…where’s your umbrella? Raincoat? Rain shoes? If it has a designated spot, this will not have you losing time or your sanity!


Post it:


Create a family command center. These will keep your entire family following suit and always informed. Not to mention the added bonus of teaching your children some organizational skills along the way.


Building your command center is pretty straight forward, and there are literally tons of ideas and tutorials on how to do just that. You can search “family command center” on, and you will get a plethora of results!


Command Center Essentials;

  • Large Family Calander
  • Menu
  • Chores + To-do List or board
  • Inspirational quote is always nice
  • Writing Utensils + reminder stickers are a great addition
  • A Place for everything: Kids quick grabs for school, Keys, etc. Essentially all necessary must take with you items!




There are many tasks we often do as parents that can easily be done by our children and our spouses. Not only should the kids be cleaning up after themselves, but they should also help out on at least one task daily that has nothing to do with them or their belongings. Doing this will not only lighten the load for you, but it will instill the value of helping others, the feeling of accomplishing something, and future work ethic.


Keep in mind, with children it is best to give short, specific instructions. Don’t overwhelm or confuse them. Now it is also important to understand your spouse is not helpless and can take on some of your tasks to lighten your load, start a hunnie to do list!


Pick Your Battles:


  • What can you live with, and what will really drive you bananas?! Do you need your bed to be made perfectly? Maybe a sink full of dishes can wait until after the last meal of the day. Or how do you feel about some chores being put on a weekly to-do list rather than daily? Kids toys scattered everywhere, why not leave them until they have either moved on or try setting a toy clean up time. Worrying over toys taking over your home will become a never-ending chore. You have kids, everyone that knows you is aware and will not think twice about the mess.


  • Also, are you in constant battles with your children over cleaning up? These battles will only take more valuable time away and only helps them put it off longer. Instead, try being simple and direct and when the infamous battle ensues, just take something away. Let them know, when you direct them to get something done, and it is not taken seriously, they will pay the consequence. Don’t waste time arguing or re-explaining yourself. Pick your battles!


Ask for + Accept Help:


Recruit some outside support when you can. Have someone watch the kids, or run an errand for you. A big part of Super-Mommin’ it like a pro is knowing when to ask for help. Phone a friend.


Utilize the Internet:


Most things nowadays can be handled in the palm of your hand via your smartphone.


Such as;


  • Online Bill Pay
  • Online Grocery Shopping + THEY DELIVER! (don’t worry you still have Target for your mommy-cations) 😉
  • Any + All of your shopping needs (i.e. gifts, clothes, supplies, anything!)
  • Doctor calls are now more than ever being handled via online messaging (though, do not go this route for an emergency.) I even manage prescriptions online.
  • Appointment setting + rescheduling


The amount of tasks you can accomplish at a touch of a button are plentiful. Let your smartphone help you quietly and quickly handle these and start saving massive time and energy.


Meal Plan:


  • Always make extra and freeze or refrigerate for impromptu/no time to cook reheats!
  • Meal plan for a week ahead and post it on the refrigerator or to your family command center to end mealtime battles, what’s on the list for today is your only option! This also helps with taking food items out that need to defrost without sitting there hemming and hawing over what you want to make.
  • Food shop for a week or two at a time! And plan your visit to the grocers strategically! Here is a FREE guide for just that, which has a great printable and fillable menu, meal planner and grocery list inside!



meal planning-menu planner-meal planner-grocery list-shopping list-organized-planner-printable
Grab your free planner by signing up below!

Always be prepared to GO!:


Have a go bag ready at all times. You never know when you will have to fly on a whim to a doctor’s office, friend or family member’s house, or any other numerous places you may have to run on a moments notice. In short, this should consist of relevant medical documents, changes of clothes, travel size toiletries, diapers, wipes, snacks, keep kids busy items, etc.


Multi-Task vs. Single-Task:


Know yourself, are you better at multi-tasking or handling one task at a time? Some things may be easily done in sync while others may need to be done alone. If you try to do too much at once, you will find yourself overwhelmed and losing focus which leads to more time wasted. On the other hand, if you can easily manage some of your more basic tasks at the same time, this will save you time. Choose wisely and be honest with yourself as to what you can physically accomplish.


Skip Making Lunches:


It is unnecessary to pack school lunches all the time, to be honest, not only is it time consuming it hurts your wallet as well. I find it to be much more affordable to add money to my child’s meal account every month for the 2-3 dollar meals they can get at school than it is to stock up on all the fruit, veggies, snacks, drinks and variety of meals I can pack.


  • Are you completely stuck on packing your child’s meals? Okay, how about you give yourself a 50/50 leeway on this… Add money to your child’s meal account for days you just can’t squeeze in packing a lunch, ran out of everything or just simply woke up feeling depleted. Consider this your very own school lunch emergency fund.


Quit The Cleaning Frenzy:


Everyone likes to keep a clean home, we get it. Though, cut yourself some slack sometimes!


  • Use paper plates + cups when you can to save on dishwashing
  • Toys are a never ending chore, let it go until nap-time and bedtime.
  • Again, I will state, You’re kids are not helpless! Teach the younger ones how to clean up and delegate the older ones to do the same. If everything has its place, this will be very easy for them. (i.e. clothes in hamper, toys in designated buckets/bins, etc.)


Learn to say NO!:


Stop saying yes to everyone and everything, learn to say no and stop overscheduling yourself. This does not make you a bad person, this makes you practical.


Get Energized:


Wake up before anyone else in the house and get your morning coffee in, an energizing workout and shower to get yourself pumped for the day.


Need a little boost in your energy to get through some chores? Put some music on! This especially helps if you have little ones at home with you, make it a cleaning dance party! They will get excited to move and help along with you.


Take Advantage of Nap Time:


Oh, the glorious naps, that is if your child is still at this stage, of course. This is the perfect time to squeeze in some R&R or get some tasks done that are more easily handled without the circus running a muck.


This last one is of the UPMOST importance! Do not overlook this step, your sanity depends on it.


mommy time out-moms-busy mom-sahm-wahm-needs a break-girls night-break away-parenting-mom life-motherhood-time for yourself-time management for busy moms


Mommy Time Outs:


Essentially the most needed in your arsenal of all! You need to make time for you. No excuses, No Guilt, just simply making sure you schedule in some time for yourself before you go bananas and snap. I mean, I’ll admit, I enjoy watching the show Snapped from time to time, though I certainly don’t want to see you on there!


I have a great post on how to schedule time for yourself and make sure NOTHING gets in the way of it. It is a foolproof guide and has a very useful + fun free gift inside! Most importantly, I have created a system that leaves guilt in the wind! Makes it literally impossible to feel guilt over getting your Mommy time in. Click here to check it out.


And Drum Roll Please…



The moment you’ve been waiting for… It’s your absolutely FREE Planner! Get it before I put it in the shop, and you end up having to pay for it! The best part is if your not the type to print and place in a binder, you can have this printed and bound book style, or spiral bound!


Grab your Free Mom Life Planner by clicking the photo below!


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18 thoughts on “Mommy Managed: Time Management for busy moms

  1. I am SO excited about that planner!!

    These are great tips. Isn’t it funny that sometimes the ones that are so easy can be so hard? i.e.: say no! How hard is that right? It’s one word. But it can be hard to say! Same with accepting help – that one is just say – yes please.

    I’m still working on these ones, but definitely getting better.

    Great post.

    1. Thank you, Bee! I absolutely agree, those two often are the most difficult. I think we moms put too much pressure on ourselves and feel as though we have to do it all!

      I was so excited myself over this planner, came out much better than expected!

  2. Oh man what would I do with out my white boards! calendar, grocery, chore board, budget 🙂 great list! you’re right! sometimes you have to say no, my plate is full 🙂

    1. Thank you, Bekah! It took me a long time to reach the point of being able to say no without guilt, but I am so glad I have learned to when needed now. We parents tend to have full plates as is, but are always the first to say yes to everyone else! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. I love these ideas and I definitely need help with time management at home. I especially like the idea of prepping for the next day the night before. When I manage that, I do find it helps getting the next day off to a better start. Thanks for the tips!

  4. This is an awesome list! So true! I have to work on saying no. One tactic is I will defer saying I have to check my schedule or check with the hubs and then say no later via my phone. Sometimes that’s easier than saying no in person

  5. This is fantastic!! I struggle with getting everything done in a day and you have some great tips. I made one of my goals for the new year to get up early before my son so I can be dressed and ready for the day before he wakes up. I haven’t been very successful in this but seeing you say it’s a good habit, I’m going to work at it even more. Plus I think it will help me be more productive.

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