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Clutter has become an omnipresent phenomenon, it has sneaked in our lives and became an obvious problem, yet very persistent one. The toxic presence of clutter radiates grim frequencies and causes most of our anxieties. It is a continuous mess that silently masters our space, time and mind, causing overall discontent with our lives. The fact that we recognize this problem is a call for the urgent action since it is something that’s within our control and can easily be solved. It goes beyond having too many things and too little space. This is our mindset reflecting on all the aspects of our life.












Know your enemy

Before taking action to overcome clutter, take the time to understand what is it and how does it affect you. Our brains are wired in a way that they perform much better when things are in order, so clutter affects in ways of overloading our sensors, which makes it harder for our mind to function. It distracts us from our main focus and inhibits our productivity, as well as possibility of being creative. Consequences of such mindset are well known, like typical stress and anxiety over unfinished tasks, inability to relax, constant guilt and embarrassment.


Know yourself

Knowing your weakness can help overcoming this annoying obstacle to your stress-free life. The reason why we’re not immune to the clutter lies in the simple fact that we have become overly attached to our material possessions. Yes, this is a material world, but the problem is that we have managed to imprint our emotional baggage on our belongings. For us, our possessions represent security and status, along with the attached memories and feelings of comfort and love. The mere thought of tossing them causes fear of regret, which is a strong and paralyzing condition.


Take small steps

Taking action doesn’t necessarily means turning your house upside down in a day since it can cause only discouragement and frustration. If you are willing and able to do so, knock yourself out, but then again, a little less ambitious approach is more recommendable. Make a daily goal and pick some small pocket of space, such as one corner, or one single surface that are easy to clean up. That way you’ll achieve something almost effortlessly, which will only encourage you to rush into cleaning up the next day.


De-clutter your home

As with the small steps, clean up one room at the time, or a part of the room. Start with the floor, then move to the flat surfaces. After that, clean the furniture and make sure you have some trash bags since there will be stuff to be thrown away. Sort the things that you plan to keep, toss and donate. Put back and organize stuff that you’ll keep and maintain the order in the closets and drawers. If there are too many keepings, consider an option of renting the best mobile self storage. Keep the things that you use or wear frequently, and get rid of the stuff that you haven’t been using over a year.

Home Organization declutter your home

De-clutter your work area

Cleaning and organizing your work area will instantly boost your productivity and enthusiasm. Understandably, start with the working desk. Clear the surface and the drawers, inspect the items and decide what goes to the trash. The remaining stuff put back where they belong, but again, make sure there are logic and order to it. Keep the desk as clear as possible, meaning, deal with all the papers immediately. After you’ve finished the desk, start de-cluttering your computer. Purge all the unnecessary files and clean your desktop by deleting numerous icons since they create visual clutter.


De-clutter your life

This is probably the hardest step since it implies reducing the number of things in your life, starting with the information. We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with information, to the point where we don’t even notice how irrelevant facts clutter our mind. You should limit consumption of TV and news, along with that, you should control your newsfeed on social networks. Take time to analyze what wearies you the most and reduce your self-imposed obligations toward friends, work, and hobbies. Do what you love and learn to say no.



Like any other obstacle in life, once you start to deal with the clutter, you’ll realize that devil is not so black as he is painted. It is easier than you could possibly imagine and concerning the benefits of de-cluttered life, it is a project that should be undertaken as soon as possible. Eliminate the mess that lowers your self-esteem and causes you to slip in the bad mood. De-clutter daily in order to claim your life back, free from the anxiety, stress, and guilt.


Home Organization-declutter your home

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