The Ultimate Guide To Secure “Me Time” For Moms

Mommy Needs A Time Out!


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Hey, tired Mama! Yes I’m talking to you. I know you all too well and we haven’t even met. Your exhausted beyond the point of belief, and more often than not you find yourself wondering if you’ve had those yoga pants on for two or three days now. Guess it’s time to grab the gray pair and keep mommin’ on, right?


There seems to be an epidemic plaguing mothers. We are not making enough time for ourselves! I’m going to take the safe bet and say you just listed 99 reasons why you don’t have enough time for you, and further say, no excuses!

I know, after taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, running errands, and so forth, it can seem like an impossible notion. But what if I told you, it IS possible, you just haven’t seen the light yet?

Take it from a mom of five, four of them being under the age of 5, a military spouse, studying nurse and small business owner that when I say it’s possible to get your Me Time in, IT IS! Let me tell you how.

We will start slow, with some methods of creating your own mommy timeouts in the home, and then move on to my guilt free, no excuse method of getting time a-w-a-y! This method will not fail you!



How To Work In Some “Me Time” When You Can’t Break Away


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Make The Most Out Of Nap Time


  • Turn your shower break into a spa like moment w/out all the fuss
    • Light a scented candle, put the water as warm as you can handle, and lay down, I promise you, this is even more relaxing than taking a bath.
  • Start a Novel or Book series
    • While they nap, prepare your favorite pick ons, and cozy up with a good book.
  • Turn your phone to silent, turning nap time into girl un-interuppted
  • Catch up on some sleep if you need to, this can very well be your nap time too!
  • Watch your favorite T.V. shows or catch a movie



Change Up Your Morning Routine


Set an alarm and wake up before the kids do. Trust me on this, I know it sounds like crazy talk, and your inner teenager is screaming 5 more minutes, but hear me out.

Just Imagine waking up early to a quiet house, with no one’s wants or needs immediately hitting you like a 1 ton Tonka and getting to enjoy some quality Me Time with yourself for the first time in years. It is completely worth it!


Remember that mind you once had? Full of thoughts, and ideas totally unrelated to your children or spouse? I fear it has become a mere distant memory now. Try these morning rituals and watch yourself slowly transform into a happier, healthier + a whole lot less irritable Mama!



Energizing + Mood Boosting AM Routine:


  • Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea
  • Hydrate with water
  • Squeeze in a 30 minute workout
  • Take a hot shower
  • Beauty Routine- Get dressed, makeup, hair, etc.
  • Then sit and relax with yourself. You and your own thoughts. Until the kids wake up.


You will find yourself more energized, refreshed, and less irritable when following this AM routine. Ready to take on anything!

♦ Did you know→ Exercise releases hormones that literally make you happy? Not to mention it energizes your body and mind by increasing blood flow and the more obvious benefit would be improving your physical fitness and health.


Date Yourself AM Routine:


  • Take a long hot shower in peace + quiet
  • Cozy up and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea
  • Get to know yourself (again) It’s easy to lose sight of yourself in the chaos that is parenting, life gets so hectic and busy that you literally can’t get a thought in. Take this time to get back to you.


Fun Fact: Sitting with an unobstructed view of the sunlight for a few minutes before you start your morning hustle will help you feel more energized. Light is our body’s cue to wake our brain up, and suppress the release of Melatonin (a chemical that works to put you to sleep) and raise your levels of cortisol, causing you to wake up.



Adult Conversation:


Sometimes just having an adult conversation can make a world of difference.


  • Phone a friend, or a family member and just talk about your day, week or even your goals and plans.
  • Join online communities, they can make a great “getaway” and support system that you can run to at any given point in the day.


There is an enormous amount of Facebook groups available and geared towards moms. We’d love to have you in ours if this sounds like an appealing option. We are a community of Mom’s connecting, sharing and socializing. Consider us your new Mom Besties, you can come to us for anything! Click here to join!

Survival Tip→ Get your little ones on a bedtime routine so you can make the most of night time as well. You need time to wind down, not just crash into bed and pass out! If you need help getting them on a bedtime routine check out my Complete Guide To Bedtime Routines here!



Now for the Guilt Free, No Excuse Method

To Getting a Mommy Time Out away from the house…


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Pre-Planning Stage:


Talk to your spouse ahead of time, let him know you need to start finding time for yourself and that it’d be a good idea if he did the same. It is all too important to make sure each of you in the relationship get your “me time” before you begin to fade into a robot on auto pilot or an explosive stress monkey. Yes, I just made that up, but I think it gets the point across. Once your both on the same track, and agree this will be a good step to take for your mental well-being, you can begin Planning.


Plan + Post It:


In this stage, it helps to have a family calendar for all to see. Work together to plan ahead of time what day will be your day and which will be theirs and schedule it! Stamp it on the calendar and make sure everyone knows that day is a no go for mommy or daddy depending on whose turn it is.

Bonus→ Grab your free download of printable stickers! These adorably cute designs made for both Mom’s Time Out and Dad’s are a great way to assure no one schedules over your plans, or forgets about it! No one can argue with a plan you scheduled and posted for all to see! There is also a fillable section on each sticker to write your D.M. or D.D. info and your Time Out Details! (D.M. + D.D. explained below).

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Grab Your Calendar Stickers By Signing Up Below!


Secure The Date—Assign a Designated Mom/Dad:


If possible, get a trusted family member or friend to help secure your time out. If anything should arise, or the one home feels overwhelmed, they can call your Designated Mom/Dad! Instruct to only contact you for emergencies or sweet nothings. This time for yourself is more important than, “I can’t find the diaper cream” or “So and So won’t go to bed”.



♥ Something To Keep In Mind ♥


You do so much for your family, and at times it truly takes all of you. There is no reason to feel foolish guilt over taking time for yourself. If you struggle with this, remind yourself that it is not every day your “running out” on them, but it is important to take this time to enjoy things on your own, without a worry or concern of keeping an eye + ear out for the kids.

When you stop caring for yourself, and taking the time to break away every now and then, you become stagnant, robotic, and irritable. To truly have the capability of caring for someone else and making them happy, you, yourself, first must be happy. Everyone needs a little time to themselves, even your children break away and run off to another room sometimes to just be with themselves. It is a very basic, and necessary desire and need. And with everyone on board, I don’t see what’s stopping you now. Go enjoy some quality Me Time!

You are officially on Mommy Time Out! Now go “stand in a corner” somewhere not in your home! (preferably with adults, good food and drinks)

If you are a single mother, maybe a family member or friend can get on board and watch your children for these break aways. There are also plenty of day care centers that offer evening care. Online services to connect you with sitters. Another option is to sign your kids up for classes and/or activities that only require you to drop them off and pick them up. Then schedule your Me Time around those. Securing Me Time is very important!


Check out→ Mommy Managed: Time Management For Busy Moms Here!


Here’s to you, making time for you! 


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26 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Secure “Me Time” For Moms

  1. LOVE IT!!!

    I started doing the early morning thing a month or two ago. At first it nearly killed me, but now I don’t use an alarm or anything. It works so well that my daughter now says: mummy, did you get some quiet time for your coffee this morning. If I say yes – she says: that’s good, I’m glad. If I say no: oh no, did Captain Destroyer wake up to early? Sorry mummy, maybe you can have a quiet time later.

    She’s a very sweet little soul 🙂 but also she knows I’m cranky if I don’t get my quiet coffee time 😛

    1. Thats great! Your little one sounds like an absolute doll btw. When I ever started these morning rituals, i mean, it was a total game changer! I even switch em up depending on my mood.

  2. I need to pick up reading again. I used to read 4 books a month but don’t remember the last time I picked one up. Thanks for the reminder. Any suggestions on a good series?

  3. Great post! For me, getting up early was a game changer. It definitely was hard at first, but now I love having some much needed time to myself while my family is still sleeping.

  4. This post is great!! As moms we always feel guilty for taking time for ourselves and it’s so silly. You simply can not pour from a cup that is empty. I work late (I get home at 1:30am) and my husband leaves for work at 6:00am. For the past couple of weeks I have been asking him to wake me up before he leaves (since I sleep through the 7 alarms on my phone) and I have found that having coffee and being able to pack my oldest daughter’s school lunch is so much less stressful when I am the only one awake.

    1. Thanks so much, Darby. I couldn’t have said it better, “You simply can not pour from a cup that is empty.” It really does make all the difference to start your morning how YOU want!

  5. Really great post here! We all need this as mom’s!! I know adult conversation and just not rushing in the shower are life giving for me! Thanks for sharing and the encouragement.

  6. Love these ideas! I feel like it’s so important to fit some “me” time into my routine so that I have more balance in my life. I especially love your idea about waking up earlier than the kids. This is SO true. That’s when I get the most done!!

  7. These are all such amazing tips!! The one I struggle the most with is working out. UGH. If I could just kick myself in gear to do even 15 minutes, I’d be happy! But that’s for another post I’m assuming…hahaha! “How to get yourself to work out even when you don’t want to” LOL!

  8. I keep saying I’m going to do the early morning thing, and I just keep working too late into the night to make it work. I have to really commit to it. Thanks for so many great tips!

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