What it’s Like to be on a Diet When You Don’t Know How to Cook



I started obsessing with my weight a few weeks ago. Well let’s be honest, almost 8 months ago. That’s when I had my second child. Since that beautiful day I’ve been struggling to lose all that precious baby weight I gained and it’s been awfully hard.


First and foremost, it’s hard staying on a diet when you have a toddler who loves pancakes and a husband who likes fried chicken. A LOT. But it’s even more difficult when you don’t know how to cook! Yes, I will admit it, I have zero skills in the kitchen.


I’ve been trying to learn since I have kids because obviously they need food, right? But don’t worry I just mastered making rice and beans for my boy, that’s the one thing he won’t refuse eating.


I started watching these promising videos on YouTube, I even signed up to one of those programs that help you excersice and give you some recipes “you can make by yourself at home” but come on! Who knows how to make Baked Pita Crisps with Capsicum dip? Sounds good, seems good but that’s not something someone with no skills in the kitchen will know how to do. More importantly, who has the time to spend half a day cooking?


Obviously I don’t.

And now you are wondering, why would I spend half a day in the kitchen? Well, when you start a diet you must eat at least five meals a day and that’s five times doing the dishes. You will use everything you have in there to make a salad. Funniest thing is, you will cook this Oh-so-elaborate recipe and you will probably only eat a tiny bite of it.


So that’s the reason I ate a cheeseburger last night.



Let’s be honest we don’t need all those crazy diets. Let’s just eat healthy and drink a lot of water, maybe that will do. Right?


I pledge to myself;


I will stop trying to lose weight and I will start worrying about my health rather than my not even close to flat belly.


I believe we need to love our bodies as they are, perfectly imperfect, full of flaws. And, that’s okay because that is what make us all different and beautiful.


Stop struggling to have that perfect beach body we all see on Instagram and all over social media because you already have that beach body!


You just need a bodysuit and confidence!

Are we ready for the summer?





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11 thoughts on “What it’s Like to be on a Diet When You Don’t Know How to Cook

  1. Love, love LOVE this 😉 I see all these moms pinning and making elaborate meal preps and I’m like…. Who has time for all that ?!! I love that you speak the truth and guess what? Last night, I too had a cheeseburger for dinner LOL 🙂

  2. I was lucky to have my grandmother teach me how to cook some things at a young age, but most of the time, I just follow the package instructions. As a mom, I don’t have time for elaborate meals and my picky eaters won’t eat them anyway. I know it’s tough to lose weight, especially when kids don’t usually like “healthy food”! LOL.

    1. You said it best, the kids probably won’t eat it anyway! I think it would be nice if there were more emphasis on body confidence and being healthy than dieting.

  3. OH gosh I love this! I was literally just thinking about it today that I needed to go on a diet haha!! Now, I’m just going to grab my body suit and be done! YAY!!

  4. Totally needed to hear this message today. For years I had lived my life arund being simply thin and I was miserable. I now understand the importance of a balanced diet and have been trying to incorporate healthy foods into my cooking. Thank God for YouTube recipe videos! LOL

  5. I am not a chef, by any means, but I can put a meal together… However, I’ve been so busy lately that my husband has been taking care of dinner prep… Which means he’s reaching for frozen pizza, etc, more often than I would like- and my weight shows it right now. We’ve been trying to reframe our thinking into less weight focused and more health focused though, and I’m hoping it will help.

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