How To Make A Halloween Mummy Witch Bowl Kids Will Love

DIY Mummy Witch Bowl


The Halloween Mummy Witch Bowl is the perfect Fall craft that the whole family can get in on!


DIY-Halloween-Craft-Decor-Centerpiece-Kids craft-Children-



I have to admit I have a love obsession with Fall. It’s something in the air, that crisp coolness, the very touch of it grazing the tip of your nose to let you know the season has changed. Most of all, Fall is filled with so much beauty, the trees don their vibrant hues and with each gust of wind the leaves rustle musically as one by one they soon begin to fall.


As October 31st approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the spooky, fun, and creative seasonal elements you’ll want to adorn your home with. For me, this is more kid-friendly and crafty ornamentation that we can do as a family.


Every year, as the seasonal change begins to show its face, we hold discussions leading to our choice in what will be our new holiday baking and craft venture. The amount of enchantment within them just bursting at the seams with passion and thrill with each idea is enough to make any parent fill with joy.


So this year, we chose to create our own Mummy Witch Bowl. I told the kids to pick one item out of our box of Halloween’s past, and we would sit around the table and think of ways to make it extra special. They picked out an old witch bowl that we usually use for candy. The boys, of course, shouted out “Mummy!! We can wrap it and turn it into a Mummy!” The girls giggled in response and said Glitter and Flowers fit for a princess! –Can you tell we read a lot of fairy tales?–


So, there we had it, our newest Halloween decorative craft idea. Onward to the store!


Items Needed:


  • Faux Flowers – we got the smaller ones at the Dollar Tree and the larger at Michaels
  • Plastic Witch Bowl – we found ours at Walmart
  • Mason Jar – Also at Michaels, though, later learned the Dollar Tree has them too!
  • Stones/Rocks – This one is optional, as you will not see them, I like to use them because before Halloween it makes a great Fall decor piece on its own (pictured below)
  • Googly Eyes/Foam/Adhesive stickers/Gauze – We found this excellent all in one kit at the Dollar Tree!



DIY-Halloween-Fall-Craft-Decor-Kid craft-home


Step By Step Instructions:




You will take your mason jar and fill it with the stones; these will help keep the flowers in place.


Then Simply stick the flowers in and adjust as needed.


The reason why I chose to use a mason jar and stones rather than styrofoam is that it makes an beautiful decorative piece on its own throughout Fall. I like to place it on top of a strip of canvas with two orange candles on each side.


It will look like this…


DIY-Halloween-Craft-Decor-Home-Kid crafts-Fall

DIY-Halloween-Decor-Craft-Fall-Kids craft-Home



















Take your larger flowers, you will notice on the stems, they have little indentation marks, this is where they are easily bendable. Bend and twist, to make them shorter and place in the witch bowl. Make sure to set toward the back to leave room for the mason jar arrangement.



DIY-Halloween-Craft-Decor-Fall-Kids craft-Home


DIY-Halloween-Craft-Decor-Fall-Kid Crafts-Home





Place your mason jar flower arrangement in the with bowl front and center, leaving the larger flowers toward the back. Now you can play with the flowers a bit until they look just right, or leave them a little wild as I did, after all it is for Halloween.



DIY-Halloween-Craft-Decor-Fall-Kids craft-Home




Stick the googly eyes and foam mouth on the front of the bowl. Then place your adhesive on the back side. Once you have your adhesive in place, stick the end of your gauze there and wrap it around the bowl. Make sure to secure it along the way.


The all in one package I mentioned earlier that is meant for pumpkins, came with small circular adhesive stickers but you can use anything from tape to glue.


Once, you have wrapped your witch bowl you are done!


Here is the finished Halloween Mummy Witch Bowl!



DIY-Halloween-craft-decor-Fall-Autumn-home-kids craft


DIY-Halloween-craft-decor-Fall-Autumn-home-kids craft


DIY-Halloween-craft-decor-Fall-Autumn-home-kids craft


DIY-Halloween-craft-decor-Fall-Autumn-home-kids craft


DIY-Halloween-craft-decor-Fall-Autumn-home-kids craft


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I would love to see how yours came out, share in the comments below!


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DIY-Halloween-craft-decor-fall-autumn-home-kids craftDIY-Halloween-craft-decor-home-Fall-Autumn-kids craftDIY-Halloween-Crafts-Decorations-Fall-Autumn-Kids crafts-Home

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