Creative Financing: Helping You Find Balance In Your Financial Life

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Creative Financing

Coming Soon…


Our Creative Financing section will help you find balance in your finances, for real, paycheck to paycheck life.


We will help you;


  • Plan
  • Budget
  • Save
  • Cut Costs
  • Improve Your Credit
  • And more…


We’re not financial experts, we will simply bring you what has worked for us as a family of 7, 4 in diapers, on one income. We have learned some fantastic tips and tricks as well as great advice that led us to more comfortable living and seeing our scores rise. This section will also teach you how to maintain your budget, credit score, and savings.


As an added bonus, we will provide resources and free printables along the way for you to keep track, plan and be on your way to SIC Finances.


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